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I am Anna,

and I am often presented as a life coach.

I would say I'm a little more than that ...

If you're still trying to be normal

you will never know how amazing you can be.

Maya angelou




for over twenty years, I can say that I have made and built myself thanks to Art.



I learn and enrich myself with everything: my travels, my reading, the great people who are part of my life and those I have had the chance to meet.


My love of the human being, pushes me to accompany for ten years people and groups to allow them to find strength, joy of living and alignment (balance between your heart, your spirit and your actions).




Above all, I worked a lot on myself

to find appeasement, joy, freedom, lightness

and the achievement of my aspirations.

Each challenging moment of my life taught me and still teaches me today, a little more about me.

In my most difficult seasons, I told myself that one day I would understand, that it would make sense and that something strong would emerge.


So here I am today, with this growing strength that I want to share with you.

If I got through these times, so can many.

You can too!



I searched, learned, trained in different support techniques:

An important part of my expertise is linked to my background, my history and my vision of the world.

I co-developed and created the concept of gestural intelligence with Ucka Ludovic Ilolo: Technique consisting in reading the movements and the states of being of people in body to bring transformation through movement.

The intuitive part in my support is just as important because it allows me

to be as close as possible to people's feelings and thus to be able to help them as best as possible.

See you soon I hope,

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